Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”
Romans 12:12
    The Bible is full of amazing truths, promises and commands. This verse has three commands in a row and all of them are encouraging! Be joyful in hope! Or, another way to put it is, keep your chin up no matter if what you want has come to pass yet or not! 
    Secondly, be patient in affliction! Wow…this one is a bit harder. Affliction seems to last forever when you are going through it, but the good news is, we will get through it! The key is being patient. 
    Lastly, be faithful in prayer. Being faithful means not giving up on it. In other parts of the Bible it says to pray continuously or pray “without ceasing”. These verses are not telling us to never do anything but pray, but they are telling us that we must continue praying even when we haven’t received an answer yet. That takes commitment and yes, faith! 
    So take heart from passage! God wouldn’t command us to do these things if He wasn’t faithful and didn’t intend on helping us through!